About Us

Ludo [Latin]: “I play”

LudoCrit is a blog dedicated to critical analyses of videogames and more general philosophical musings about the history of gaming and the nature of gameplay. Rather than focusing on reviews that evaluate the “quality,” “fun,” or “goodness” of a game, our approach is more interested in exploring interpretations of games that emerge naturally out of a player’s immersion in gameplay and engagement with its systems, mechanics, aesthetics, and narrative.

We hope these interpretations and musings will open up a conversation less focused on what constitutes a good game — there are enough places on the internet to join in on such a discussion — and more on sharing gameplay experiences that have provoked thought and reflection on our understanding of gaming and ourselves as players.

The blog is divided into three categories:

Theory is reserved for critical writings on gameplay, game history, the game industry, and the player/game relationship that will continually develop LudoCrit’s philosophy of gaming.

Game Studies is for case studies of individual games. These writings will apply the ideas we developed in Theory to focused analyses of our gameplay experiences.

Other Stuff is for writing that does not fit into the other two categories, because why not have some topical leeway? 

You can read more about our particular approach to videogame criticism in our manifesto.


Aleksander Franiczek (Lex)
Editor-in-Chief (and sole writer)

I love thinking about videogames almost as much as I enjoy playing them. I gravitate towards thematically rich single-player experiences that allow some degree of role-playing.

I’m currently pursuing a Ph.D in English at the University of Waterloo, where I’m investigating the connection between player, avatar and game world that informs the phenomenon of immersion.

I also enjoy writing in the first-person plural as if I wasn’t currently LudoCrit’s only writer.